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Copy typing

Copy typing is typing from the written word (as opposed to transcription, which is typing from the spoken word). You might need a copy typist if you have piles of handwritten notes that need to be turned into a manual, a presentation, or even a book.

How we work

We can work in various different ways with copy typing:

  • Edit as we go, correcting any obvious grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Leave everything exactly as it is.
  • Leave everything as it is but query things that appear to be incorrect.

It’s your choice – just let us know what you’d prefer us to do.

We can format the work to your precise specifications or, if you’re not sure what format you need, work to our standard template.

We can work from scanned documents or originals, but if you’re sending originals then please send them ‘Special Delivery’, as our experience of the postal service has not been very positive lately! We will return them the same way. It is the expensive option, but less expensive than losing your precious original manuscript.


The cost of copy typing is very variable, depending on the state of the original manuscript, its readability, etc. The easiest way to get a quote is to scan in and send a sample of four or five pages of ‘typical’ copy. We will then tailor a quote for you.

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