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CV Writing and Editing

Too much experience to fit into a short CV; too little experience to write a curriculum vitae at all; or simply not happy that your CV really sells you as the right person for that job? Whatever the problem, with years of experience in recruitment, we can help.

I (Anne Hickley) worked for six years as a recruitment consultant and I know what employers are looking for when they go through CVs. I still provide recruitment services and advice to a small number of clients, and hold the Diploma in Recruitment Practice from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

The Way We work

Whether we’re editing a CV you’ve already got or starting from scratch, it’s useful to be able to talk things through with you first, so we’ll ask you to give us a call. If it’s editing, send us the CV you’ve got first, and then I’ll arrange to have a chat with you.

The chat is to talk through all your experience, the kinds of jobs you’re looking for and what you need to get across in your CV.

After that I’ll estimate the cost of producing a new CV for you, which will probably be in the region of £30. Unless we have worked with you before, we will usually ask for payment in advance.

I, or one of the team, will then edit and format your CV, including the information I have gained in the telephone chat. If one of my team has worked on the CV first, I will always give it a check and make any final tweaks.

Then we’ll send you the CV in the form of a Microsoft Word document. You then have an opportunity to go through it and decide if there are any changes that need making. If so, you can come back to us and have the changes made.


As mentioned above, the cost is usually in region of £30, but it will vary depending on whether you have a CV for us to base things on, how close to the final result this CV is, how much experience you have and the level of job you’re applying for. We will provide an individual quote for each person.

The advance payment will include one return of the CV for changes and final alterations. Further changes required after this, and not discussed in the original brief, may be charged extra.

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