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Microsoft Word document formatting

Have you produced a Word document and then realised you need an automated contents? Are you unsure how to put page numbers on? Does your document formatting just look a mess?

Microsoft Word offers a vast array of document formatting options, including automatic numbering, a variety of different automated formatting styles, automated contents and indexing – but if you don’t have a good understanding of these they can be a real minefield.

Whether you’ve produced a document, such as a dissertation, thesis or report, without any formatting, or whether you have started using styles but it hasn’t come out the way you expected, we’re here to help.

With over 30 years of Microsoft Word experience between us in the office we can tackle most document formatting problems and whip pretty much any document into shape. It is actually far easier, and usually quicker, to deal with a document with almost no formatting than it is to fix a document where you’ve started using, for instance ‘styles’ and got in a muddle, but in either situation we can help.


Formatting is particularly hard to quote for as altering certain aspects can cause unexpected alterations down the line that then also need fixing, so we will ask you send your document in for us to assess, discuss with you exactly what needs doing and then give you an estimate of the time it’s likely to take, and therefore the cost, based on our standard rate of £25.00 per hour. A large document, such as a thesis or manual, with very inconsistent formatting and a lot of ‘needs’ could take five hours or more, but a smaller document, or one that just needs pages added or other small adjustments will be much quicker.

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